Koi carp
Made entirely from hardwoods this Koi box contains 4 different Koi carp selected from Sanke, Kohaku, Tancho, Tancho Sanke, Shusui, Kumonryu, Utsuri, Bekko and Doitsu varieties.
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Koi carp
Each of 4 sections lifts out, containing a wooden Koi.
Koi carp
The Koi fit in the sections in different realistic attitudes. The fish will fit in any of the sections.
Each Koi, here a Sanke, are made of 2 pieces of beech wood, cut at angles to add strength. They are painted with a foundation of gesso and finished with acrylic inks and acrylic lacquer. Each fish is different reflecting the many fascinating varieties of Koi.
Koi artwork
A tancho variety on the foreground and a snake tancho in the background, second from the right.
hen house chickens
A kohaku koi.
wooden koi
The koi blanks are machined to a fine finish in 2 halves. This process alone takes 4 hours for each set of 4 koi.

Hardwood box finished with acrylic lacquer.
Wave sections and koi made from beechwood.
Length 75mm (3 inches)
Width 75mm (3 inches)
Height 68mm (2 5/8 inches)
Weight 230g (8 ounces)
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This Koi box makes a wonderful gift but is intended as an art object, not a toy. It contains small parts that present a choking danger for children under 3 years old.