Making “A friendly gesture” gallery

I recently finished 3 examples of “A friendly gesture”. All are now sold.
This page contains photographs taken during the build with some notes.

  • automata wheels and cams

    Cams and gears cut from beech and also birch ply

  • automata arms

    Blanks for arms prior to carving

  • automata man

    Heads and bodies from lime wood. Legs from beech for strength.

  • My Image

    Hips have brass rods running horizontally to add strength

  • automaton heads

    Jackets are carved with scallops to add texture.

  • auomata dog

    Dogs being assembled

  • automata heads

    Heads with chins fitted

  • automata gesso

    Painted with artist gesso in preparation for painting.

  • automaton gears

    Gear box cut from birch ply and varnished with waxed acrylic grey varnish by Polyvine. This gives a silky finish.

  • automata frame

    Cams in position along axles. Prototype in the background.

  • automata varnished

    cams and gears all painted with 2 coats of wax acrylic varnish

  • automata sherline lathe

    Sherline lathe used to cut the brass parts.

  • automata painting

    Parts of figures painted with 2 coats of artists acrylic paint. Ready to be varnished

  • automata cams

    Beginning to populate the mechanism. Top is the concept piece and below the new piece being trial assembled.

  • My Image

    Wooden eye painted with acrylic and finished with clear resin. Pupil is a drilled hole filled with resin. More . . .

  • My Image

    Eyes mounted in gimbals

  • My Image

    Head and eye mechanism assembled. Showing 2 positions.

  • My Image

    Showing mechanism that rotates head and crosses eyes.

  • My Image

    Dogs awaiting fitting of internal mechanism.

  • My Image

    Mechanism for lifting dog to standing position. Made up of 10 pieces of beech.

  • My Image

    Dog with lift mechanism fitted on test frame

  • My Image

    Dog looking where the man is going to be placed. Small piece of paper holds the module in place for a test fit.

  • Stacks Image 8318

    Shoes which act as the pivots for the man’s ankles. Awaiting painting.

  • My Image

    Roller cams make a much smoother mechanism.

  • My Image

    Reinforcing critical joints with brass pins

  • My Image

    Wrist joint enables accurate posing of the hands b before fixing.

  • My Image

    Actuators for head and arm

  • My Image

    Waxed rosewood crank handle with brass axle and PTFE washers for smooth running.

  • My Image

    On the last lap.

  • My Image
  • My Image
  • My Image