Doves & Pigeons

Dove automata

I have 2 dove automata, "Dove of Peace" with a single dove and "Love Dove" with 2 doves.
All wooden parts, including the doves, are made from American cherry wood The only exception is the black stained upright that is made from birch plywood. The birch ply is used to prevent humidity or temperature from affecting the smooth running of the mechanism.
The crank handle is turned from walnut wood.
The cherry wood gears have Brass axles and delrin bushes to ensure ensure smooth running and durability.
To maintain a nice finish all parts are finished with several coats of acrylic varnish gloss on the mechanism and flat on the doves.
To make theses automata I start with rough cut planks of wood, bars of brass and sheets of delrin and cut, carve and turn all parts.
The doves, made from cherry wood contain a brass weight and a brass gimbal to facilitate them turning.

These automata are available for purchase with free delivery worldwide.

Dove of Peace

This automaton has a single dove with an olive branch in its beak.
This is a small automaton measuring 9 cms (3.5 inches) wide and 12.5mm (5 inches) high.

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Love Dove

This automaton has 2 doves that move at different speeds. It is slightly larger than "Dove of Peace" measuring 9.5cms wide and 5.5 cms deep.

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As Love Dove but town pigeons instead of doves. Hand painted with acrylic paints.

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