Animatronic moody decision making machine that makes decisions without bias, conflicts of interest, lobbying. No need for any background or relevant information. Just stand in front of the machine and it will give you its decisions.
Useful for checking dress sense, purchase and investment decisions (at your own risk), strategies to save the Euro etc.
Constructed from wood, nylon and brass and controlled by arduino.
Mood can be changed to suit your needs.

  • hand automaton
    Mood can se set using aluminium dial. Blue is bad, green neutral and yellow good. The machine gives a fully uninformed decision at all settings.
  • animatronic hand
    Ready for actions as soon as someone waves a hand in front of it.
  • hand automaton

    12 volt motor and wooden gears. Brass axle with nylon bushing.
  • automata hand
    Neat arrangement of electronics and gearing at rear of machine.