Hen House

NFishing boat puzzle
This hen house is made entirely from beech wood cut from the plank. It contains 6 hand painted rare breed chickens with the name of each engraved on the section. Breeds of your choice can be substituted for the standard ones.
Fiashing boat puzzle
Each roof section lifts out revealing a wooden rare breed chicken. The chickens are made in halves with the wood grain funning at 90 degrees to give additional strength to the finished figures. The wooden wheels, which turn, are similarly made in 2 parts for strength.
hen house chickens
The hens included as standard are:
Buff Orpington
Black Wyandotte
Rhode Island Red
Light Sussex
Each is a different shape and will only fit into its own house section.
hen house chickens
Each hen is hand painted with acrylics and finished with 4 coats of lacquer.
hen house chickens
hen house chickens
hen house chickens
The house is shaped so that each section only fits in one space.
hen house chickens
The chicken parts are cut from strips of beechwood sawn from the plank and microplanes to 4.5mm. Each set of chicken parts takes 4 hours to machine before being glued together.

Beechwood hen house containing 6 beechwood rare breed chickens.
Entirely made from beechwood.
Length 90mm (3.5 inch)
Width 85mm (3.25 inch)
Height 100mm (4 inch)
Weight c.250g (9 oz)
Price £93 Free delivery worldwide.
This Hen House Puzzle makes a wonderful gift but is intended as an art object, not a toy. It contains small parts that present a choking danger for children under 3 years old.
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