Come, look what I have here


Animatronic hand carved from beech wood.
Hand detects when someone is in the vicinity and the index finger beckons them. When they are close enough the hand opens revealing whatever has been placed in the palm.
The mechanism is constructed from various hardwoods including handmade yew plywood for the gears.
The piece is controlled by an Arduino micro controller.

  • hand automaton

    Palm opens to reveal whatever it contains when someone gets close
  • animatronic hand

    Finger beckons whenever someone is in the vicinity
  • hand automaton

    2 sensors, one to detect that someone is in the vicinity, the other to tell when they get close
  • automata hand
  • animatronic hand

    Mechanism is made from beech wood and other hardwood with home made yew ply for the gears.
  • animatronic hand

    Showing mechanism with brass axles and lignum vitae pins in the con rods
  • wooden mechanism automata
  • animatronic hand

    Rear view showing micro controller box made from perforated aluminium.