Noah’s ark puzzle pattern for sale

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Thanks for your interest in my Noah’s Ark design.
I created this toy in the early 80‘s and sold many through specialist toyshops until I ceased making them in 1990 because we moved to Switzerland for a few years.
Since then I have seen copies in toy shops, craft fairs and catalogues but to my eyes none have achieved the graceful shape of the original.
These patterns will enable you to recreate the arks shown here, resulting in an heirloom that will be admired for many years to come.

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Each layer of the ark contains a wooden animal.

WOW !!! they are great and the directions easy to understand. The moment I downloaded the patterns and digested the instructions, I was in my work shed sawing away and having a ball
a satisfied customer iin Australia
'Thank You' for taking your time to publish the plans... They look really great, and should be a fun project.
a great grand father in the USA

Medium Ark
Height 21cms, length 20cms, width 11.5cms.
Weight approx 900g
Paintwork polyurethane varnished.

On the right is a video showing the ark being taken apart and put together again.

I made hundreds of these in these Noah’s Arks in the 1980s.
I produced them in 3 sizes and sold mainly through galleries and specialist toy shops.

Patterns for Sale

These puzzles are designed to be robust but if made of natural wood it is possible that pieces will break off if dropped or chewed. The 2 larger arks are also heavy and could cause injury if dropped. For this reason these patterns are offered for the construction of heirloom artefacts, beautiful objects to be looked at and admired. The small arks have small pieces which make them inherently unsuitable for children below 3 years old.

Patterns and instructions to make 3 sizes of Noah’s Ark as shown opposite. The 3 sizes are all a different shape to give aesthetic proportion.
Large 20 cms (11.5inches) long.
Medium 20 cms (8 inches) long.
Small 11cmc (4 inches) long.

Simple to construct and with careful finishing and painting make a delightful heirloom.
These arks could be made with hand tools but a power scrollsaw (fretsaw) makes life easier.
Optimally a small bandsaw is ideal for cutting the roof angles.

Patterns for ALL 3 ARKS
Price £9.99 (approx. $13US)

Pattern for MEDIUM ARK
Price £6 (approx $8US)

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT. This is the most common reason for problems in delivering the plans. If in doubt email me after purchase to confirm your email.

Important: I will email you the patterns. I will do this as soon as I am able but it may take up to 12 hours. If you do not receive them please email me at


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